Friday September 20 7:00pm                             $30.00 investment, $35.00 day of

Friday September 20 7:00pm $30.00 investment, $35.00 day of

CHAKRA TUNING: Sound Healing & Restorative Yoga Experience

Join us for a night of Yoga and Sound, dedicated to tune your chakra system. On September 20th, Sarah Lindgren and Mike McGuigan combine to couple restorative movement with sound vibration. The combination can help to re-align these energy centers in your body. This alignment allows your energy to flow more freely creating space for deep healing, and a deep state of calm.

Vibrational therapy and restorative yoga have been shown to ease depression, reduce stress, clear sinuses, boost the immune system and can even help those with chronic inflammation recover quickly, all while creating a deep sense of well-being.

Saturday October 19 7:00 pm             Donation Based

Saturday October 19 7:00 pm Donation Based

Halloween Party Practice

Many cultures around the world have celebrations to honor the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  Join Bloom yoga teachers Meggan Riley and Sarah Lindgren for an evening in the celebration of Halloween.    This practice is created to honor that cycle of life, death, and rebirth with playful expression or “lila”.   We will call for blessings from the forces of nature that are beyond our mastery, and engage in a full scope yoga practice inspired by Goddess Kali.

The elements of this practice are designed for all who wish to experience the bounty of the yoga practice.  It will include; mythology (storytelling), pranayama (breathing practices), dhyana (meditation), asana (physical postures) as well as creating connection in community.  

We hope you will join us for this event of divine play on Saturday, October 19 at 7:00 pm.Costumes are not required but encouraged. We do recommend that you wear non violent items which you can move freely in.

February 27 - March 4 2020

February 27 - March 4 2020


Plant a seed of intention as we journey through our sacred connection to spirit and nature. In this retreat you will be thoughtfully guided through a daily yoga practice, journal prompts and meditations. All designed to help you rest in the grace of Mother Gaia. As we explore our inner connection to the self and identities we hold we will also deconstruct our current ideals of what we believe this life is to be. Here in this space we will connect to the pure life, allowing our days and evenings to be inspired by the natural rhythm of nature and our divine connection to all living beings. Allowing the natural light of sun, moon and stars illuminate your face and elevate your spirit.

Monday September 23 6:30pm                               $30 investment, $35 day of

Monday September 23 6:30pm $30 investment, $35 day of


Embrace this day of perfect harmony by gifting yourself with a practice designed to balance your body and spirit. Join Julie Pin Usui & Angelic Reiki practitioner and Sarah Lindgren Bloom yoga teacher for an hour and a half of self care.

Julie and Sarah have been brought together through the practice of yoga and energy work. They are dedicated to the intention of thoughtfully crafting this practice to serve you both physically and energetically.

Usui Reiki is a Japanese system of healing by channeling universal life energy for harmony and wholeness. Angelic Reiki is a system of channeling divine angelic light for healing. Restorative Yoga is a relaxing practice that uses continuous deep breathing coupled with selected postures to release muscle tension.

Sunday November 10                                        Practice 1:00 pm Teaching 2:45 pm                         $30 each or $50 for both

Sunday November 10 Practice 1:00 pm Teaching 2:45 pm $30 each or $50 for both

In Practice

Do you experience back pain in daily life, after activities or worse after your yoga practice? If so this event is for you. Join experienced yoga teacher Sarah Lindgren as she guides you through a 90 minute yoga practice focused cultivating a healthy back. During this event you will receive focused attention and assistance in your problem areas. With care and attention you will learn how to create space in your spine, resulting in increased strength and mobility. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions gaining clarity and wisdom so you can move through any yoga practice with confidence.

In Teaching

Join Sarah Lindgren for an afternoon dedicated to deep understanding of back pain and relief. Sarah has experienced many injuries including two herniated discs in her low back. It is through injuries like these that Sarah has learned how to ease pain in her own practice. As a yoga teacher Sarah believes these injuries have made her a better teacher, knowing what chronic pain is and how it functions. Sarah would like to share with you how to adapt your teachings to serve those in pain. In this workshop you will learn which poses create relief or strain, how to administer adjustments safely and how to train your eye to see what your students are not telling you. This class does provide Yoga Alliance continuing education hours for those who complete part 1 & 2. If you are not a yoga teacher but wish to absorb this information you are welcome to participate.

1st Sunday of each month in St Charles 3rd Friday of each month in Chicago

Cup of Kula

Lets share a cup of your favorite daytime something. This is a practice designed connect our community or kula. If you cannot attend class but would still like to pop in please do so, we will stay until we feel ready to move on. No registration is required.

1st Sunday of the month in St. Charles after the 10:00 am Bloom practice around 11:45 am at Kava Diem.

3rd Friday of the month in Chicago after the noon Moksha practice around 1:30 pm at Cafe’ Umbria.