Yoga Alliance certified 200hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through Moksha, Chicago

I wish to live in a world where people practice compassion, experience communicating face to face, believe in the power of peace, and enjoy the beauty of real food.  I hope to teach people how to nurture themselves through these practices so they can truly love the life they live.

I began practicing yoga in 2006 while I was expecting my first daughter. That initial experience of self love and fully being present in my body, even with all of the crazy changes was truly profound! Since then I have found that a practice guided by my own intuition and the principals of the 8 limb path of yoga provides me with a deeper understanding of myself.  I have also found this intuitive focus allows for a greater connectivity to those around me.  I practice and teach because yoga gives you permission to be yourself, uncovered, and beautifully raw.  I love the honesty of the yoga practice and how it demands self acceptance, which is truly the heart of this practice.

As a Yoga Teacher I’ve been teaching yoga since summer of 2015, gaining 200 hour certification in 2016 from Moksha Yoga in Chicago, completing the program with more than 700 hours of training.  I continue to enjoy learning about this practice and developing creative and challenging sequences as well as workshops relatable to students.  My mission as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher is to help make the world of yoga more accessible to all students through my classes and YACEP workshops.  Showing them this is a practice to access the language of the heart not about touching your toes.

When I’m not meditating, or playing on my yoga mat you can find me in the garden. Exploring Illinois with my family and whipping up tasty and nutritious food.

I can’t wait to meet you on the mat and together cultivate a more compassionate, judgeless, and honest community through the practice of yoga., contact me and for information on feeding your true self at

Breathe in and release anything that does not serve you.
— unknown