Beckoning of the Season

Over the last few weeks we have focused on letting go and letting be.  In this season of release, we quite literally observe a constant state of letting go all around us.  We see this shift in the trees and plants releasing their flowers, seeds, and leaves as they begin to move their energy inward.  This is a natural shift toward conservation, a need to let go in order to preserve life's energy.  

We too feel this energetic shift to soften and turn inward, but often times our culture does not support this natural calling.  Only weeks before the autumnal equinox we return to our schedules, be it school or a more vigorous work cycle and begin to kick things into overdrive.  Unfortunately when we work against nature in this way we find ourselves feeling depleted, tired, and ready for a break.  This is our body's way of responding to the natural order of life, encouraging us to seek respite and honor this time designated to slowing down instead of overriding nature's call.  When we become aware of this need for self care but feel challenged by obligations, we find ourselves locked in a struggle between our internal needs and outward demands.  This is when we begin to seek middle ground.  Taking a cue from yoga sutra 2.46 sthira-sukham asanam, simply translated to "the action of dwelling in a good space".  When we choose to take time for self care like a walk outside or less caffeine and more sleep, really just a little less effort and a little more ease.  We become more attuned to that which is necessary, a call of your soul and that which is the depleting beg of the ego.  This awareness allows us to have the strength to follow the path of  nourishment.  It's no surprise that all of these practices can do wonders for the human psyche, and when you allow yourself to be in a state of ease life itself simply becomes easier.  So slow down, take a breath and trust your instincts The hardest part is trusting the natural flow of life, which often proves to be the most rewarding action you can take.