Experiencing Connection

Have you ever experienced a moment where you feel everything is in alignment, all in it's place and simply perfect?  This is the big squeeze, one of the moments where you briefly experience Bodhicitta.  Bodhi translates to perfect knowledge and Citta translates as that which is conscious, this is the experience of the enlightened mind.  These are the moments when you are completely connected to universal spirit, your infinite connection to all life.  In these fleeting moments it is almost as if time stands still and you can feel the synchronicity of all beings living as one.

Once we begin the process of awakening we are even more sensitive to these experiences and begin to seek them out.  When you get to this point you could potentially identify as a bodhisattva or someone who wishes to attain enlightenment.  These flashes of awakening can happen at any time, spontaneously or in meditation.  Awakening can come on slowly as you begin to digest the experiences in your daily or weekly yoga practice or it can be brought on suddenly by deep meditations or even trauma to a chakra.  When you step into this place you begin to feel an unshakable urge to practice presence.  This can involve longer than normal meditation or pranayama sessions where you become completely absorbed. You may have even visions or experiences beyond your current understanding that have a sensation of safety or a home-like feel.  Sometimes these strong sensations and desires can be unsettling for you or your loved ones as the changes you are undertaking are observed.  When you come to these experiences it is best to slow down.  Begin to pull yourself away from trying interactions as best you can and schedule more time for you to "just be in your transformation". 

Whether you are currently undergoing your own awakening or just seeing snipets of the big squeeze take time to enjoy it.  Savor your experience by sharing it, or saving it for yourself.  What feels best for you is ultimately the proper way to move gracefully into these experiences of fullness, aliveness and connection to all. 

To practice connection in your asana practice try standing in tadasana or mountain pose on the earth with relaxed arms and shoulders focus on the sensations under your feet.  On your inhale direct your breath to the soles of your feet and on your exhale feel or imagine the earths energy moving upward into your body through your feet.  If you'd like more practice a few sun salutes on the earth.  Focus on linking your inhales on upward motions and exhales on downward and backward motions. When you've finished take the same stance and observe the difference