Ego and Soul

By now you have most likely been exposed to the concept of your ego, in sanskrit we refer to this as ahamkara the "I -maker".  If you are new to this concept here is the breakdown; we all have egos, just like we all have souls and bodies, your ego is the place where you extract your "I-ness".  These are the features and characteristics that create the human expression of you. The interpretation of your unique experiences and the labeling you create to define yourself. 

In our current existence it is not only useful but necessary to know how we identify with who we are and in turn apply that information to how we interact with others. So why is it that the ancient texts ask us drop our ego?  There is a fundamental flaw with the "I-ness" (asmita) side of the ego.  As members of the human race we all share the same emotions.  We each have different triggers but we all know the experience of shame, pain, bliss and love.  These emotions are ego responses to external factors, not your actual truth, but shades of truth colored by your unique experiences. This is where we get caught up in the I's, me's and mine's.  This "I-ness" we identify with begins to create judgments in the name of protecting the ego.  When we are operating from our ego space it becomes nearly impossible to see the full picture of the soul, or your connection to the divine.  For many of us this connection to universal consciousness is the ultimate carrot on the stick.  So what is the connection to the divine and how do we get there?  to keep it simple the seat of the soul is where God or Universal Spirit lives in each of us, each and every single expression of life is a part of this divine connection, from humans, insects, plants and possibly beyond, and is often referred to as universal consciousness.  Many yogis and spiritualists work to avoid ego attachment in order to access this space within.  However turning your back on your ego is a denial of the human experience and a judgment  in and of it's self.  I say embrace your ego, get to know it, chances are that the expressions of your ego are directly related to the desires of your soul or your soul's work in this lifetime. This ego speaking is your souls way of breaking through to the surface of your awareness. This allows you to complete the actions your soul is seeking through your sensory life experience.

Begin to learn how to listen to your ego's chatter, notice all of the I, me, and mine statements you make and begin to become aware of the underlying message or need.  Is it fear based, goal oriented or simply curiosity?  You can observe these thought patterns in meditation and in daily life.  Make notes of your ego, notice when you feel flooded by emotion and record the sensation and experience.  With this work eventually you will begin to notice the difference between "I-ness"  and the ego's work in service of the soul. Once you become more clear on the content of your mental chatter then you can begin to direct your actions to meet the needs of your souls efforts.  Continue to use these tools and experiences to uncover the peace that lies within, ultimately living your most authentic life.