Connect, It's Yoga

On the heels of March I find that I am feeling steeped in gratitude of the connections we are fostering with one another.  Many of you came out and supported the Fox Valley Montessori School fundraiser with a little family yoga playtime.  I loved watching the connection you share with your sweet ones, as well as the adaptations you took to some of the poses.  To see pictures from this event and others follow me on Instagram @108.sarah. 

Considering the concept of connection brings me straight back to my roots; beginning with my own mother and the connection we share through the process of creation through connection. Our lives at the fundamental level are actually built upon connection and so is also the entire practice of yoga.  The word yoga literally translates to yoke or join.   So why do so many of us experience lack of connection when it is such an integral piece to our survival, and how do we shift toward regaining those important connections? It all begins with the practice of pratyahara. Sometimes you may hear this fifth limb of yoga referred to as a turning in of the senses or likened to a turtle drawing in its limbs. Pratyahara it is the practice that links your outward experiences to your inner self.  To practice pratyhara  you begin by withdrawing from unhealthy outward experiences, negative media, unhealthy foods and toxic social interactions.  Simultaneously you bring in healthy experiences, good food choices, and positive interactions.  This is done through control of the senses. When this is well practiced you have set the stage for a healthy mind body connection in turn allowing you to be truly available for those deep meaningful connections you seek. So what practices are best to foster connection?. 

  • Schedule less
  • Say no to commitments that drain you, likewise say yes to the ones that cultivate healthy connection
  • Meditation on an object that promotes a sense of well being   
  • Mantra, chanting AUM or OM aloud in the morning or evening for several minutes, 108 times or quietly repeating it throughout the day. AUM is the universal sound, the sound of all energy connected

Focus your intention of connection for these activities and over time you will gain a deeper more intimate connection with yourself and deep fulfilling relationships in the world around you.  Above all else know you are worthy of all the wondrous experience that are coming